Chevrolet Celebrates 100 Years of the Iconic Bowtie

Although the origins of the Chevrolet bowtie are still unclear, the brand's cars and trucks have worn the badge since 1913. In celebration of this benchmark, the automaker will launch 25 products to help the symbol find new roads around the world. Today, there are over 60 million Chevrolet vehicles on the road proudly sporting the signature bowtie, and over 215 million have worn it over the last century since Chevrolet co-founder, William C. Durant introduced the emblem on the 1914 H-2 Royal Mail and the H-4 Baby Grand. "The Chevrolet bowtie is recognized around the world and has become synonymous with American ingenuity. Whether you're pulling thousands of pounds through rocky terrain in a Silverado pickup or commuting in a Spark EV, Chevrolet's bowtie will always be at the very front of your travels," said Tim Mahoney, Chevrolet Chief Marketing Officer, in a recent interview. Stories and theories of the origin of the Chevrolet bowtie have been circulating for as long as it has graced the front of vehicles, with theories ranging from a wallpaper design in a Parisian hotel to a newspaper advertisement. However, William Durant's widow and daughter have offered alternative explanations. Margery Durant wrote in her book My Father, "I think it was between the soup and the fried chicken one night that he sketched out the design that is used on the Chevrolet car to this day." Catherine Durant believed the design originated from a Hot Springs vacation where he was reading a newspaper and spotted a design and thought it would be a good emblem for the vehicle lineup. No matter where the design originated, it has remained a part of the brand, going through different transformations over the years to become what it is today. Source: Chevrolet