Chevrolet Corvette C7. Will It Arrive by 2012?

By Automotive Staff | October 23, 2008
Problems, problems. General Motors has plenty, and they are affecting what the company wants to do concerning such things as the release of a new Chevrolet Corvette. A Corvette racing C6R recently won the American Le Mans Series’ Green Challenge. But because of the plethora of problems, it appears that GM will have to delay the release of the next generation Corvette. The current problems even is affecting the upgrade of the current C6. There are whispers that, when it was decided to delay the release of the next generation Corvette C7, a refresh of the current Corvette C6 was rerounted as a 2013 model. Such a plan would have meant that the C6 would have a life span of possibly as much as 12 years by the time the C7 could replace it. If this happened, the C6 would have been the second longest serving Corvette model in history. Another obstacle is the 2007 federal standards mandating fuel economy. Law says that the corporate average fuel economy must be 35 mpg by 2020. People are saying that this is influencing what the layout and hardware used on the next generation Corvette will be. All of this has made some Corvette fans fear that General Motors intends to kill the Corvette. However, GM execs say “no way” to that. But no one has gone on record to refute the above scenarios, either. Our take is that we don't see it happening, either. With the company burning billions per month and Chrysler almost begging to be bought, we won't be surprised if the C7 doesn't make a show until after 2015. That is assuming GM's still around, though. via AutoWeek