Chevrolet Cruze Wagon Not Coming Here…But Its Face Probably Is

By Jacob Brown | February 29, 2012
We're not going to tease you anymore with pictures of the Chevrolet Cruze wagon or hatchback models you can't get here. We've heard it before: If you want something more practical with a bowtie on the front, GM will sell you a crossover. But we need to show you the Cruze wagon just one more time. In the first promotional video for the new long-roof version of the Cruze, we noticed a refreshed front end. Upon further inspection of Chevy's European press materials, we then read that it'd be coming on all Cruze models. Modifications include a revised grille, bumper, and headlamp treatments, as well as new wheel styles. On the inside, Chevrolet is updating the car's center console and seat materials. While it's not a whole lot, it's enough to keep the second-best-selling compact car in the U.S. interesting. Domestically, the updates should coincide with the Cruze's new diesel powertrain option for 2013 and a plug-in hybrid setup coming for 2014.
There are plenty of us auto journalist folk still whining about Chevy's decision to keep the wagon model from our shores. But seeing the improvements GM is giving the Cruze for the Euro market—and likely the U.S.—to unblandify it, we think we'll be able to live with it. Source: Chevrolet UK