Chevrolet Posts a Record 1.18 Million Global Sales Last Quarter

By Jacob Brown | April 23, 2012
A few years back, Chevrolet created a laugh-worthy marketing campaign, lauding its cars as "An American Revolution." It wouldn't have been so funny if one of the most prominent new cars in its advertisements weren't the Chevrolet Aveo, a much-criticized little car made in South Korea by what used to be Daewoo. But, some years later, we might be forced to eat our words, as Chevrolet has the last laugh. Last quarter, the brand of baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie sold a record 1.18 million cars around the world, a 6.5-percent increase over 2011's numbers. Last quarter also marked the sixth consecutive quarter of record sales for the bowtie brand around the world. Leading sales across the world was the Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan, which was designed with help from both GM Korea and GM Europe before hitting our shores. In Europe, where Chevrolet is perceived as an entry brand to Opel and Vauxhall, Chevrolet recently introduced a station wagon version to complement the hatchback version of the Cruze already on sale in Europe and Asia. No, we're not getting either of them in this generation, so stop asking. The Cruze was up almost 20 percent. Chevrolet also recently introduced its midsize Trailblazer SUV in Thailand, Colorado pickup truck in South America, Sail subcompact sedan in Asia, and will be introducing the equally pint-sized Spark in the U.S. within the quarter. Chevrolet is increasingly relying on its world engineering teams to create market-specific products to cater to different audiences, a strategy that may be just the push the brand needs to gain ground in markets where it hasn't yet. GM's European operations have also lagged significantly in recent years, so the addition of Chevrolet to Europe may help shake its downward spiral, too. If it sounds like the rest of the world is getting products we're not, that the U.S. is being taken less seriously than emerging markets, Chevrolet says that's not the case. The brand still sold a leading 448,000 cars and trucks last quarter in the U.S. The next-best market for Chevrolet was China, selling a record 162,000 vehicles, mostly cheaper, more basic cars for the emerging market. Source: Chevrolet