Chevrolet Releases "Find New Roads" Campaign

By | February 11, 2013
Chevrolet is officially dropping the "Chevy Runs Deep" tagline in favor of its new catchphrase, "Find New Roads." The new campaign kicks off with this 90-second commercial, featuring the 2014 Chevy Impala and Corvette Stingray, among others. The commercial focuses on the vehicles themselves, and what they represent to the owners. At the beginning of the commercial, we see the Chevrolet Volt plug-in, boasting technology and a family-friendly vehicle. In this part, a little girl and her robotic dog get in the vehicle and head out with her family. Holding a tablet, the girl hits play, introducing the rest of the lineup of vehicles. The next segment shows the Chevrolet Spark, then the Sonic re-imagined as a skateboard, each with customizable features that suit each owner shown. With a swipe of her finger, the girl from the beginning shows the next segment, showcasing the elegance of the Chevrolet Impala. Neighbor jealousy and luxury hotels are a staple of any luxury vehicle, and Chevrolet doesn't disappoint. Combined with classic jazz music and a vintage feel, this segment shows the Impala in an upscale light.
Another swipe produces another section, with the 2014 Corvette Stingray being pursued by a spaceship, which also looks a little like an actual stingray. It showcases the Corvette's performance and handling, all the while trying to avoid being caught. Straight out of an action movie, Chevrolet shows just what the new Stingray is capable of, along with its stylish new design. The commercial ends with the same family that opens it, this time in nature. A fawn approaches the car and lets the girl pet it. It takes a curious look at the robotic dog, and the commercial closes with a message from the manufacturer about its diverse lineup, how it has a vehicle to meet any lifestyle, etc.'s take: I think there's too many elements in this commercial for me. When I see a car commercial, I want to focus on one or two vehicles, not go through an entire lineup of new models. I didn't see the overall point of the commercial, and although the Corvette segment was pretty good, it was still almost expected with that type of car. I don't think there was a point to some of the features of the commercial, the first being the robotic dog. Was it there to show that the Volt it a technologically advanced car for a different age? If so, it didn't work. Also, matching the color of the car to your outfit seems rather cheesy, and I don't know of any person, aside from select celebrities who would do this. It just didn't seem to fit. None of the elements of the commercial seemed to tie together, and although the girl and the tablet were probably the tie-in, id didn't' succeed. Overall, I think it needs some work and more specific marketing to be a successful commercial. Source: Chevrolet