Chevrolet SS Returns and Other Elvis Sightings

By Joel Arellano | April 19, 2012
Car enthusiasts considered the Pontiac G8 sedan as one of the best Pontiacs built for General Motors' sporty brand. Unfortunately, the Pontiac G8 was also the brand's swan song; GM shut down Pontiac, along with HUMMER and Saturn, in 2009. Since then, car enthusiasts have been foretelling the "rebirth" of the G8, only badged as an "SS" in the Chevy brand, blowing up any rumor and innuendo ad nausem like tabloid newspapers and shows. Now comes word that GM is--yet again--secretly preparing to bring a Chevy SS, this time based on a trademark filing. Our reaction? Here we go again.
Here are the details. GM Authority is the latest author of this latest SS sighting. According to the "independent" and GM-focused website, a service bulletin back in 2009 discussed a seat buckle found inĀ  the model year 2011 Chevrolet police vehicle and a model year Chevy SS. The site then pulls a quote from former GM veep Bob Lutz musing about a "civilian version" of an upcoming police cruiser based off the Holden Commodore. (One of GM's Australian cars and the basis for the Pontiac G8.) Finally, the site concludes a recent trademark submission by GM for the word "SS" means a Chevy SS is potentially in the works. How? GM, according to the writer, is waiting for the Holden Commodore to be refreshed for model year 2014. It will then slap the " Chevy SS" badge on the sedan and bring it to the states. Tada! Clear as mud, right? Yeah, we thought so, too.'s take: We're already contacting the tabloids. Source: GM Authority