Chevrolet Volt Now Eligible For California’s HOV Lane

By Blake Z. Rong | November 18, 2011
To be honest, it’s a little strange as to why the Chevrolet Volt wasn’t eligible for California’s HOV exemption policy—seeing as it’s one of the cars with the strongest green credentials. But California updated its HOV exemption laws back in 2010, letting the yellow exemption stickers expire without any chance of renewal. For a while, the carpool lane lapsed into its original duty of serving carpoolers. Now, however, Volt owners get to enjoy the privileges of beating the infamous Los Angeles traffic that our out-of-town colleagues experienced this week at the L.A. Auto Show. Standard on all models sold in the Golden State will be a Low Emissions Package that consists of a modified catalytic converter, for the times that the Volt actually runs on its gasoline engine. What’s more, the Low Emissions Package entitles owners to $1,500 in rebates from the state level, on top of the $7,500 federal tax credit. This applies to all states, including California, where the package is required.
Currently, only a handful of cars are still exempt from HOV access. Natural gas and fuel cell cars like Honda’s Civic GX and FCX Clarity gain access to an elite (and coveted) white sticker, as well as 100-percent electric cars like the Nissan Leaf. (The entire list of eligible cars can be found here.) Now the Volt joins the ranks of California’s Enhanced, Advanced Technology – Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles, and rightfully so.
Joel Arellano
Joel Arellano

W00t! Volt's now on our list to replace aging Accord hybrid.