Chevy Sonic RS Starts at $20,995

By Blake Z. Rong | August 22, 2012
The Chevrolet Sonic RS (shown above, with the requisite amount of youths performing youth-like activities) will start at $20,995 for a six-speed manual transmission, while the auto will be about two grand more, at $22,280. The regular Chevy Sonic starts at $15,560 for a hatchback—the only way to enjoy the RS—all the way up to $19,420 for a loaded LTZ model. So what do you get with the RS's modest price increase? Well, here's what you don't get: more power. It's the same 138-horsepower turbocharged 1.4-liter engine as available on LT and LTZ trims, but it's partnered with stiffer springs, putting it 10mm lower than the regular Sonic. The big news on the mechanical front is that the RS is the only Sonic available with four-wheel disc brakes, with standard anti-lock brakes. (Other Sonics get rear drum brakes, a common cost-cutting measure in the compact segment.) Unique gear ratios in the RS gearboxes impart a level of sportiness unavailable on the efficiency-minded transmissions of other models.
The lower looks are also complemented by unique fog lights in front, a bright exhaust tip in back, and 17-inch grey wheels specific to the RS, unless you're looking to steal a set for your Sonic LTZ. Inside, there are red-trimmed "sport" seats with the requisite RS stitching, a flat-bottom steering wheel that doesn't necessarily impart any racecar driver suggestions, and a shiny shift knob. Chevrolet is throwing every technobauble at the Sonic RS. Satellite radio and Chevrolet MyLink (which integrates smartphones through Bluetooth or USB plug-ins) are all standard, as is compatibility for Pandora and Stitcher Internet radio. If kids want to look at Instagrammed shots of their recent lunches, then the Sonic RS can display them on its touchscreen. When they're not driving the RS, that is. Source: Chevrolet