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Chevy Volt Owner Accused of "Stealing" Electricity

By Trevor Dorchies | January 31, 2012
Mike Nemat knows all too well that it's not easy being green. See, Nemat lives in an apartment building, and he owns a Chevy Volt. Recently, he came under fire for recharging his car at his apartment building. In a single-family home, that's no big deal, but in Nemat's building the tenants split the utilities bill, and they aren't happy about sharing the cost of recharging his ride. ‘‘This isn't some evil electric car that consumes a ton of electricity. It's just a drop in the pond compared to what the whole building pays,’’ Nemat told CBC News. While a clear solution has yet to present itself, the apartment building's parent company has decided to hang a $3000 bill on Nemat for a separately billed charging station to be installed. However Nemat says it only costs around $1 a day to recharge his Volt with the current setup. This appears to have fallen on deaf ears as the apartment's parent company believes it shouldn't have to pay to fuel Nemat's car, since it doesn't pay for its other tenant's vehicles. If the grand scheme of things Nemat's neighbors could've had it much worse if Nemat needed to power a Nissan Leaf. The all-electric Leaf only has a claimed range of 100 miles before it needs to be recharged again. The Volt however runs on both electricity and gasoline and can go further between recharges. No word yet on if Nemat can or will cough up the cash for the separate charging station. Would you be comfortable footing the bill for a neighbor who charges their Volt in your apartment's garage? Do you know of someone who already does this? Let us know about it in the comment section below. Source: Sydney Morning Herald
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This is ridiculous. It's approximately $1.50 per day (based on the average electricity price in the U.S.) to fully charge a Volt. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee. When taken into consideration that it's split between several tenants... they should be proud that they're not only helping to save the environment but also lowering the nation's dependence on foreign oil for pennies out of their pockets.


This is absolutely ludicrous. Technically he pays for it too if they all split utilities.