Chinese Government Cleans Up Air Pollution for Olympics

By Automotive Staff | June 26, 2008
China is experiencing a booming economy right now. As the people become more affluent, they are buying more and more cars. The result, predictably, has been massive traffic jams as well as a contribution to the outrageous pollution problems in the country. What worsens the already dire situation is that the Olympics are coming to Beijing. Pollution problems in the city has been a continuous bone of contention concerning the health of athletes who will be participating in the games. Talk about a perfect storm.
To alleviate the traffic problem and to reduce pollution, the Chinese government has announced a traffic plan for Beijing to reduce traffic and clean up the air. Drivers, starting on July 20, will be allowed to drive only on alternate days based on their license plate -- odd or even. The plan is expected to reduce traffic by about 45 percent in Beijing or 3.29 million cars. The program is expected to take place until September 20. via Wall Street Journal