Chinese Website Leaks 2013 Lexus LS 460 F Sport Ahead of Official Unveil

By Trevor Dorchies | July 26, 2012
In a practice that has become all too common lately, a Chinese car website has leaked photos of the 2013 Lexus LS 460 F Sport ahead of its official unveiling. Lexus itself was scheduled to reveal the latest LS on its Facebook page next Monday and even has a countdown ticking away to show the passing time. Unfortunately for Lexus—but fortunately for the rest of us—its biggest offering has been exposed early and we have the photos. Like the GX, RX, and GS, the latest LS sports the spindle grille that all redesigned Lexus vehicles have. The leaked photo of the front end is spot on to the teaser photo of the same angle too. LED running lights sit beneath the headlights, another common exterior styling trait from Lexus, while the taillights have been stretched a little longer than the ones its replacing. Other exterior styling tweaks seen in these photos are expected to only be available on the F Sport model. That includes the aggressive looking black on charcoal gray wheels seen on this rendering. If this really is the genuine article, and we have a strong inkling that it is, this is the first look at the LS 460 F Sport, which has been only a rumor for quite some time. As for what's under the hood of the 2013 LS 460 F Sport, everything is still speculation so Lexus still has a reason to push forward with the scheduled unveiling in four days. If the F Sport employs the same engine in the standard-issued LS 460, expect to see an output in the neighborhood of 380 horsepower courtesy of a 4.6-liter V-8 engine. The LS 460 L long-wheelbase and the LS 600h L long-wheelbase hybrid will enter the 2013 with an all-new powertrain.
So, is this the real deal? We certainly think so and Lexus hasn't done anything to change our minds. Be sure to check back to on Monday, July 30 to see the 2013 Lexus LS 460 and its different variations in all of their officially unveiled glory. Source: Lexus