Poll: How Much Would You Pay for a Diesel-Powered Chrysler 300?

Currently sold in Europe as the Lancia Thema with a diesel option, the Chrysler 300 may very well be getting a diesel engine in its next model year. The company is investigating the possibility of adding another diesel to the lineup, however no final decision has been made. It's important to note that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was recently introduced with a diesel variant, but it costs $7,500 extra. Would customers really pay that much more for a diesel version of the Chrysler 300? Saad Chehab, Chrysler's president and CEO said in response to a query by WardsAuto that they are in talks about the diesels "because the Thema has a diesel in Europe anyway. It's a matter of how much the customer is willing to pay for that premium. That's the only issue with it." The Chrysler 200 is also being considered for a diesel engine, as it is on its way out, making room for the refreshed vehicle. The 2014 model will keep its nameplate for the time being, and will most likely make its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Although no hints have been given about the next-generation 200, it will feature aspects of its sport-oriented models, including blacked-out grilles, intimidating wheels, and a fine-tuned interior. [polldaddy poll=7014103] Source: WardsAuto
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