Chrysler Imperial Returns To Auto History Books

By Automotive Staff | July 26, 2007
Big is not good. Small is better. That seems to be the growing philosophy of auto makers around the world. Especially with the ever increasing price of gas. The result is that the big cars are being abandoned and the latest to be dropped is the Chrysler Imperial Sedan. No doubt the decision to jettison the Imperial was influenced by a new bill in Congress that would require automakers to improve average vehicle fuel economy. According to the Detroit News,the bill calls for gas mileage to average 35 miles per gallon for cars and trucks by 2020. The Chrysler Imperial was first introduced as a concept car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last year. Named after both a cancelled Chrysler brand as well vehicle, it was positioned to be the flagship of the Chrysler brand, plans called for production of the car to start in 2009. Now there are reports that the Imperial will be replaced with two versions of the popular 300.
Our take? While the Imperial may have gone into hiatus at the moment, we would not be surprised if this wasn't the last we hear about it.