Chrysler Investing in Toledo, Adding 1,100 Jobs

By Jason Davis | August 11, 2011
Great news for Toledo, Ohio residents—Chrysler is investing in you! It's not yet official, but The Toledo Blade has learned that the iconic automaker will be expanding the Toledo Assembly Complex with a $365 million dollar investment. The money would be used to add a second shift and more than 1100 new employees, including production laborers with wages starting at $14.65 per hour, and management with starting salaries of around $90,000. In a press release addressed to The Toledo Blade in January, Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne said, “As part of the process, Chrysler Group is working with state and local governments to secure incentives that would support the business case for such an investment. However, any decision to invest in the Toledo facility would be contingent upon final approval of state and local incentives and final acceptance of all agreements by the company.” According to the Blade, Chrysler's tax application anticipates a 2013 date of completion for the expansion. Although the Toledo plant currently builds the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro, analysts speculate that, with the new labor force, the plant could produce up to seven new or existing vehicles. Source: The Toledo Blade