Chrysler Issues Service Bulletin on Jeep Wrangler "Death Wobbles"

By Joel Arellano | August 10, 2012
Last month, California Democrats Anna Eshoo and Henry Waxman requested automaker Chrysler to notify owners of its Jeep Wrangler SUV about issues with the suspension. Nicknamed the "Jeep Death Wobble," Wrangler owners have reported a telltale vibration from the suspension system shaking the vehicle when hitting potholes or expansion road joint. One death has supposedly been reported that may be linked to the issue. Chrysler has now issued a technical service bulletin to its dealerships regarding the vibration. The bulletin says owners should have their Jeep Wrangler steering systems periodically checked. It points out that Wranglers with non-maintained, damaged, or with aftermarket steering and suspension systems may cause steering system vibration. Both Eshoo and Waxman have congratulated Chrysler for the TSB. Says Eshoo, "Chrysler's decision to issue an official method of repair for this problem is the right thing to do for its customers and for the safety of others on the road."
Source: Detroit News