Chrysler on the Ropes

By Automotive Staff | April 01, 2008
Two weeks of vacation in any other context would be a joy. Two weeks of forced, unpaid vacation due to the struggles of your employer are a wholly different matter. Chrysler's new owner Cerberus has already cut jobs, contract workers, and removed four models from their lineup. Now to fix the automaker's problem of excess inventory, they will simply be turing off the whole operation reports Autopia. All this leads to the industry to question the health of Chrysler. Too many dealers, peddling sub par wars, as well as a downturn in the economy bring up questions of the long term viability of the brand. The soon-to-be introduced Challenger however, can bring bring some much needed good press for the brand. Hopefully it will not disappoint, and that subsequent models will not only be comparable, but better.
Chrysler may never again challenge for the top spot for the domestic brands, it does not mean that it won't be the most successful. Our take? Hopefully it will be the last time all the lights go out at Chrysler.