Chrysler Pentastar May See The Light Again

By Automotive Staff | May 24, 2007
Does anybody think logos can bring good luck? Before Chrysler's association with Daimler, its logo was a pentastar. And prior to the acquisition, Chrysler did have some good years. So, for those of you who are superstitious, will the pentastar bring back the good old days? Or will it be the last twinkle for an automaker's twilight years? The Free Press reports that Chrysler will, indeed, bring back the pentastar. Apparently it was dimmed due to former partner's "concern" (jealous?) that the American symbol resemble its own three-point star too closely. Uh-huh. Like Americans can't tell the difference? Anyway, for you car historians out there: many have said that the five stars of the logo, which first appeared in 1963, represented the five old divisions of Chrysler at that time: Plymouth, Chrysler, Dodge, Imperial, and AirTemp. Not so! It was selected simply because it was pretty.