Chrysler Planning New 200, Dodge Avenger, Jeep Compass and Liberty Based On 2013 Dodge Dart

By Trevor Dorchies | January 24, 2012
With the recently introduced 2013 Dodge Dart bowing at the North American International Auto Show Chrysler is riding a rising wave of momentum, and the Dart is at its core. Today, the Detroit-based auto announced it will introduce a new mid-size sedan to replace the unloved Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger, along with new versions of the Jeep Compass and Liberty for 2013. All of the new replacements will share the same underpinnings of the Dart and will be built at Chrysler's Toledo facility. Basing a Jeep off from car underpinnings isn't unheard of, and Jeep says it will be modified to meet the demand of the off-road icon's consumer's needs. "It's gonna be a trail-rated, full-blooded Jeep that has its origins in the architecture of a sports car," Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said in an interview with USA Today. Also being considered is a compact hatchback—dubbed the "Chrysler 100" by Marchionne—that would be exported as a Lancia as well; Lancia is Fiat's European luxury brand. In exchange, Alfa Romeo is expected to make its return Stateside, though no one can really say for sure when. Marchionne is adamant the U.S. will have Alfa Romeo vehicles on its roads by 2013 but the delivery date has been readjusted multiple times. If Alfa does ever make the jump stateside we expect to see a midsize sport sedan and wagon.
"We had to make sure they were lightweight, fast cars with Alfa powertrains," Marchionne said to USA Today in reference to an upcoming 1.8-liter engine that produces an unheard of 300 horsepower. "There will be plants making Alfas in the United States and Europe," Marchionne said. "I need to export to Europe from the U.S. The volumes I get here are how I reintroduce Alfa to Europe," which is playing catch-up with the likes of BMW and Audi. Are you interested in the direction Chrysler is headed in with the redesign of older models and the introduction of newer ones? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: USA Today
Jim Bone
Jim Bone

With the 200 selling so well now, why not keep it for a couple more years? Chop the Avenger and replace it with a coupe model based on a streched Dart platform. No overlap and cost is kept down.