Chrysler Will Recall Disputed Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty Vehicles

Earlier today, Chrysler Group LLC announced that it had settled its differences with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and has agreed to recall 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty vehicles. Chrysler will conduct a voluntary campaign with the involved vehicles, as well as a visual inspection. This is in an effort to better manage crash forces in low-speed impacts by providing an upgrade to the rear structure of the vehicles in question. Analysis of Chrysler's data confirms that the vehicles listed are not defective and still remain as some of the safest in the peer group. Regardless of this data, Chrysler is complying with the NHTSA as this matter has raised concerns with customers. The automaker will work with the NHTSA to provide additional measures to supplement the safety of the vehicles.'s take: Recalls are all about controlling and preventing damage to vehicles and their owners caused by a faulty part or installation. Seems to us that the faulty part here is Chrysler's response to the recall notification from the NHTSA. Whether the vehicles are any more or less safe than contemporary competitors became irrelevant as soon as Chrysler refused the recall; the story then became about how the company was willing to let vehicles the government thinks aren't safe to stay on the road. It's still all about damage control, but this time, to Jeep's reputation. Source: Chrysler
Barb Kern Morris
Barb Kern Morris

I called my local Jeep dealer & they said I have to wait for Chrysler/Jeep to contact me before they will install the tow hitch on mu 2004 Jeep Liberty......Why are waiting?   Is a re-call or not?