Chrysler Recalls Over 1,900 Vehicles to Find 16

By | February 21, 2013
Earlier today Chrysler Group LLC announced its plan to recall 1,934 Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger mid-size sedans in order to locate 16 vehicles with damaged fuel tank control valves. The vehicles being recalled were built over a five day period in the fall of 2012, and sold in North America. Routine maintenance revealed that the tank supplier had shipped damaged goods. A damaged control valve would possibly cause the engine to fail and fuel to leak, with the potential to lead to an accident. Chrysler Group dealers will inspect all vehicles in the recall, and if damaged valve controls are found, the fuel tank assemblies will be replaced with no charge to the customer. Customers will be notified directly with the recall information. As of now, Chrysler Group is unaware of any accidents or injuries in conjunction to this problem, nor is it aware of any complaints.
Source: Chrysler

While Chrysler may not be aware of any problems or injuries related to this discovery, I'm glad they aren't waiting for someone to get hurt or killed before taking action. :)