Chrysler Working on Uconnect System for Los Angeles Police Department

By Trevor Dorchies | October 03, 2012
There's nothing worse than getting pulled over, especially when a menacing Dodge Charger outfitted in police gear is starring at you through your side-view mirror. Now, those same Charger police vehicles may be getting another advantage with the addition of Chrysler's highly touted Uconnect system. The civilian Uconnect system features an 8.4-inch touchscreen where controls for climate, audio, and navigation all live. The police force variant will feature a 12.1-inch screen but will include many of the same controls. Before this custom system makes its way into all Charger Pursuit police vehicles, three systems will be tested in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department. If the system shows it can keep up in the field, it will soon be standard in all Charger Pursuit vehicles. Even though the Uconnect system designed for the LAPD is almost four inches bigger than what you could normally buy, it was the minimum requirement requested by the LAPD.  To meet this requirement, Chrysler tabbed Continental Engineering Services to conjure up the 12.1-inch system that is responsible for projecting data and other police related features. “The LAPD was very adamant that 12.1-inch was the minimum screen size,” said Mike Bassier, an electronics engineer at Chrysler to Wired. "The LAPD made a very strong case that a lot of the applications they’re used to running are on sizable laptop screens. When you try to get that information into an 8.4-inch screen it becomes very unreadable and very difficult to manipulate."
The Uconnect system designed for police force usage will be tested by Chrysler's engineers in an unmarked Charger Pursuit while two other systems begin field testing with the LAPD. If both entities are unable to find any bugs and it actually helps field operations, then the Uconnect system will become a standard feature in the Charger Pursuit. It's unknown if Ford or Chevrolet are working on a similar system for its Taurus SHO and Caprice police vehicles. Almost every automaker today has some form of an infotainment system that rides along onboard somewhere on the center stack. The Detroit Big Three are no exception with Ford and its MyFord Touch, General Motors with CUE, and Chrysler with Uconnect. Out of the three aforementioned systems, CUE is the newest followed by Ford's MyFord Touch, which recently got a reskin, and then Chrysler's Uconnect. Even still, Uconnect is only two years old but continues to rake in the awards and praise while CUE looks promising but the jury is still out. MyFord Touch has had its own set of problems but with the recent update, Ford believes it's out of the woods now. What say you? Do you think the Uconnect system in police cars will be helpful? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: Wired