Click and Clack Retire "Car Talk" into Syndication

By Joel Arellano | June 08, 2012
Most car owners find no humor in repairs. But for 35 years, brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi have entertained thousands of listeners as comedian mechanics on NPR's "Car Talk" show. The Magliozzis—who use the amusing moniker of Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers—on the show, began recording Car Talk on WBUR in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 70's and has been playing steadily on NPR member stations for the past 25 years. The brothers decided to retire after older brother Tom turned 75 this years. The brothers joked that basically it was time to "stop and smell the cappuccino." NPR plans to continue the show, though not with new hosts. Instead, the Car Talk production will mine the more than 1,000 episodes and build around them. Tom and Ray will continue to be active with Car Talk, providing updates to the new episodes while continuing to write their "Dear Tom and Ray" column. Says Eric Nuzum, VP of Programming at NPR, “We’re certainly disappointed that they’re not going to do this forever. But despite their protestations about work, they’ve earned this. And they’re leaving us an incredible body of work that ranks up there with some combination of the Marx Brothers, Mark Twain, and Mr. Goodwrench. The work they did five and 10 years ago is just as funny now as it was then.”
Source: NPR

Gonna miss these guys and their humorous car savy. Funny and useful advice that could be trusted.