Closer Look: Is Sprint Velocity a Window to the Future of In-Car Connectivity?

By Matthew Askari | April 22, 2013
Currently, there's a rift in how people use and relate to technology inside of a car, and outside of one. But Sprint Velocity, the new in-car connectivity system created by the mobile giant, looks to change that. Sprint is the latest player in a rapidly growing segment, and is betting it can mine a Mt. Everest pile of data, and harness insights learned from its mobile business to bridge the technological gap.
Automakers are paying attention, too. Chrysler has already enlisted Sprint's technology, and Sprint Velocity is the backbone of the new Chrysler UConnect Access system, featured in the Ram 1500, SRT Viper, and 2014 Jeep Cherokee.  What exactly does Sprint Velocity do? And with the growing debate surrounding distracted driving, how does Sprint Velocity address safety concerns? To get some answers, we chatted with Wayne Ward, vice president M2M Group for Sprint Nextel. You can follow the link to read our feature on Sprint Velocity and get insights from our conversation with Wayne.