Congress looks to Micromanage General Motors, Chryler Dealership Closures

By Automotive Staff | July 22, 2009
While President Barack Obama calls for a hands off policy concerning the management of General Motors and Chrysler, it seems that some Democratic Party members of Congress are more in favor of the micromanage idea. According to the Detroit News, many Congressmen don’t like the automakers attempts to close down thousands of dealerships as well as factories around the country. They are taking steps to reverse the closing of dealerships. The House Judiciary Committee will be holding hearings concerning the dealerships closings. Legislation to block the closing of dealerships is gaining momentum. Lawyers from GM and Chrysler are scheduled to testify. The Congressmen fear GM and Chrysler's actions will cause the unemployment of tens of thousands of more workers, they say, and they want a hearing that would get into the role of the Obama Administration in the restructuring of the two automakers. Meanwhile, Republican Party leaders in Congress are pushing for the government to sell its stake in GM and Chrysler quickly.