Consumer Group Cries Foul; Claims Ford, Chrysler Vehicles Aren't Built in America

By Trevor Dorchies | October 13, 2011
A U.S. consumer group known as the "Made in the USA" Foundation is calling Chrysler's recent ad campaign, "Imported from Detroit," into question. The organization has also filed a complaint against Ford's Fusion. This accusation isn't a new one in the automotive world as auto manufacturers have outsourced the assembly of vehicles to other countries around the world for decades. The "Imported from Detroit" ad campaign began airing in February making its debut during the Super Bowl. The ad features the music of Detroit native and popular rapper Eminem (or Marshall Mathers as the locals know him) as a 200 patrols up and down roads in the city. While that ad went on to claim an Emmy for Chrysler, later ads featuring the Chrysler 300 and the same tagline have appeared. The ad's tagline implies the flagship Chrysler 300 is assembled in America when in reality that's not completely true. The 300 along with the Dodge Charger and Challenger all began life at the Brampton, Ontario facility. This practice of assembling cars in other countries is a popular way of doing business but Made in the USA chairman Joel Joseph isn't swayed and feels Ford and Chrysler are telling a lie.
"The ads are clever, but they are false," Joseph said in a statement to CTV News. "The Chrysler 300 is assembled in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and often includes a Mexican-made engine. Last time I checked, Detroit is not in Canada. Chrysler is flat wrong to imply the Chrysler 300 is made in the United States and we have asked the [Federal Trade Commission] to order corrective advertising." Chrysler doesn't agree with the recent accusations made by Joseph and the organization he speaks for. The auto maker even went as far to say the allegation "is completely without merit." "Chrysler Group will continue to pursue all avenues to protect our 'Imported from Detroit' trademark," said Michael Palese, a spokesman for Chrysler in a statement to CTV News. A complaint was also filed against Ford accusing the auto maker or falsifying the origin of the Fusion. The complaint targets an ad claiming the Fusion is built in America when it's really assembled at facilities in Mexico. The Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX and MKT are also assembled at the same facility. Said Deep, a spokesman for Ford, said the ad coming into question was produced by a dealer and is a separate entity from Ford itself. Dealerships are responsible for its own advertising campaigns for the vehicles. The "Made in the USA" organization is also crying foul about the country-of-origin information manufacturers present at auto shows. "Chrysler and Ford are intentionally misleading consumers implying all of their vehicles are made in the USA, when they are not," a statement to CTV News said. "To add to their wrongdoing Chrysler and Ford have removed country of origin labels from their car windows at auto shows where millions of consumers get their first look at many new cars." Deep disagrees, saying that all auto manufacturers do that to give the consumer an accurate depiction of what the car truly looks like. "All the cars on the show floor are prettied up for the auto show, they're all under bright lights and you clean them up and there's no stickers on the outside of the car because it's a show," said Deep to CTV News. Under the bailout deal reached between Chrysler and the Canadian government two years ago, it was agreed that about 20 percent of its North American production would remain in Ontario. Around 9000 Chrysler employees work at facilities in Windsor, Toronto, and Brampton with the latter receiving a $1 billion investment. Do you think the "Made in the USA" organization has a real complaint? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: CTV News
American Nationalist
American Nationalist

Just so we are clear, I am nor ever have worked for or on behalf of a Union... But being an American who grew up seeing everything made in USA, and now not finding anything made in America. Made in USA, means made in USA, not pieces here or assembly there. Here. Its time our Politicians start doing something to force Manufacturing Companies to reopen our factories here (like telling them you want to sell it here you have to make it here - like the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese have done), taking away tax incentives to relocate overseas and putting tariffs on goods imported from the Chinese who cheat in trade and manipulate their currency. Then the unemployment rate will drop, our tax base will increase and bring in more tax revenue to reduce our National Debt. Besides we can't continue to import everything and not produce anything or else or standard of living will continue to drop, we will get poorer as a Nation, and we will depend on other countries to make materials and fabricated goods of national security interest. That is pathetic. Its time Americans were more Nationalist and said no when they see the Made in .... Label made somewhere else but America. And its time Unions started to realize they have to reign in their demands. Its also time that constraints were put on Liability Lawyers so that they didn't have a field day in suing Manufacturers that do make in the USA. That would create an environment welcoming Manufacturers back.