Consumer Reports Releases Its Top 10 Vehicles: U.S. Brands Shut Out

By | February 27, 2013
With the release of the Consumer Reports' Top 10 Vehicles for 2013, no U.S. brands made the list. Honda, Lexus, and Audi are on it, though. To qualify for a spot on the list, vehicles must rank near or at the top of its category with an overall test score for a road test, have an average or better reliability rating, and be a top pick for safety. This marks the first time in several years that Detroit automakers didn't claim a top spot in any category. They continue to struggle with the magazine's rankings, which claimed that the six lowest-rated car brands are Buick, Chrysler, Ford, Lincoln, Jeep, and Dodge. Consumer Reports said in its April 2013 issue that, "Overall, we recommend fewer than half of the domestic models we've tested, and most of the [recommended models] come from Chevy and GMC." Not only do the magazine's rankings hurt the U.S. brands, poor reliability and the reputation of older models continue to diminish the brands' ratings. This year is the first in which the magazine ranked individual brands instead of the automaker, as it has done in years prior. With a score of 62, Cadillac ranked 14th in their study and took the title of the top-scoring domestic brand. Below are the segment winners for 2013:
  • Budget Car: Hyundai Elantra
  • Green Car: Toyota Prius
  • Compact Car: Subaru Impreza
  • Sports Sedan: BMW 328i
  • Minivan: Honda Odyssey
  • Midsize Sedan: Honda Accord
  • Small SUV: Honda CR-V
  • Midsize SUV: Toyota Highlander
  • Luxury Car: Audi A6
  • Sports Car: Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ
Source: Automotive News (Subscription required), Consumer Reports
  • 2013 Toyota Highlander