Continential Megatrends: Intelligent Electronics

By Joel Arellano | August 04, 2010
Chassis & Safety’s answer to this dichotomy is the development of “intelligent electronics” to proactively prevent auto accidents. Continental’s ContiGuard safety system, for example, uses sensors to scan the road conditions ahead; keep the driver abreast of potential hazards or dangers (warning lights, sounds, “haptic” feedback like vibrating steering wheel or pedal) and, in the event the driver does not or cannot respond, act to either avoid the accident or minimize any resulting injury (“actuators”; e.g., flooring the braking system). Volvo’s City Safety system, which is currently in production and found on the 2010 Volvo XC60 crossover, is one such system. Other safety systems in review include the Active Force Feedback Pedal, first detailed in the article, Continental Gets Technical; Car2X Communication, which allows cars not only to keep in touch with each other but with unseen objects like speed limit signs and even emergency vehicles like police cars; and Emergency Steer Assist, which we detailed on the WOT post, Continental Wants Emergency Steer Assist to Drive Cars Away From Accidents. (cont)