Costco Now Selling Ultimate Garage Package Including Car for $89,999, Engine and Transmission Sold Separately

By Trevor Dorchies | December 04, 2012
Where else in the world can you go buy a pallet of maple syrup, a camping tent that sleeps five, a nine-piece outdoor patio set and a hot dog, drink and a free refill for $137 but Costco? The warehouse club chain is known for the superfluous quantity of goods it sells and this may be its best deal yet. For one simple payment of $89,999.99, you can knock out that dream garage in one swipe of the credit card with the Ultimate Garage Package. Included in the Ultimate Garage Package is a two ton breakdown engine crane, Motofloor Garage tiles that'll cover 465 square-feet or enough to cover the floor of a two car garage, a six-piece garage cabinet system, a 790 pound safe, some rope and a pulley to hang your 12-foot ladder up (ladder not included), a stainless steel toolbox, one two ton capacity breakdown crane, two six ton capacity jack stands, and one three and a half ton capacity professional low lift height jack. Unquestionably the most desired piece in this package has to be the, wait...Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC roadster, which entered the world through fabrication in a former Polish MiG fighter jet factory. And you'll be able to put all that heavy lifting equipment to good use right away, since the engine and transmission are sold separately. Sorry about that. Besides the Kirkham roadster component vehicle, the Ultimate Garage Package offers a lot for the money. The best part is that everything included requires minimal to no assembly (minus that whole engine and transmission thing of course). The cabinets came fully welded and require little to no installation while the safe can withstand 1,200 degree heat for 45 minutes before becoming structurally unsound. Even though the Kirkham component vehicle lacks the necessary parts that truly make it a car, the engine crane and two jack stands can at least hold it up while you slave away installing an engine and transmission of your choosing.
If you don't feel like waiting for the tool truck to show up every day and you just happen to have $89,999.99 burning a hole in your pocket, then the Ultimate Garage Package is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. To get it, head over to or call (425) 427-7145 to make that dream come true. Source: Costco