Could 2011 be the Year of the Toyota Sienna Minivan?

By Joel Arellano | November 09, 2011
Toyota has dominated the compact car and mid-sized car segments in the U.S. for years with its Corolla and Camry, respectively. Could the automaker soon add minivans to that list? How? According to Automotive News, Chrysler's Dodge Caravan has sold 92,930 minivans through October this year with the Toyota Sienna following a close second at 91,955 units sold. With less than 1,000 units between the two minivan giant, Toyota could snare the title for best-selling minivan in the U.S. for 2011 by additional discounts or increased fleet sales. Currently, 12 percent of Sienna minivans sold are used as cargo transport, livery, or other commercial vehicles reports Toyota. The biggest stumbling block for the automaker is, literally, natural. The major earthquake and tsunami that slammed Japan back in March and the current floods washing across Thailand have slowed Toyota's production capabilities across most of its models including the Sienna. The carmaker would need to secure new sources for parts and/or new production facilities—and fast—to be crowned U.S. minivan king for 2011.'s take: Do you think Toyota has a chance to be number one in minivans in 2011? How do you think Chrysler would react if it's supplanted from its usual bailiwick? Honda sold 86,436 of its Odyssey minivans this year, putting it in a comfortable third, while the Chrysler Town & Country follows in fourth with 78,255 units sold far in 2011. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)