Could A Jetta CC Be In The Works?

By Blake Z. Rong | March 16, 2012
When it comes to changing the styling prowess of their sedans, Volkswagen is as timid as a hydrophobic stepping onto the log flume at Splash Mountain. Witness the off-shoot CC, a curvier Passat for those who want their German-engineered sedan to actually look good but not actually replace it outright. Don’t fret, traditionalists, the frumpy Passat is still there for you! Volkswagen even first named it the “Passat CC” in Europe, lest its buyers become confused and frightened away from the familiarity of the P-name and led down a dark path of temptation and Hofmeister kinks. Now, VW might give the same treatment to the Jetta. The fastidious journos at Germany's Autobild have a rendering of what a Golf CC (but a four-door, really, so it’d be a Jetta CC) would look like. And it’s definitely sleeker than the Sarah, Plain And Tall Jetta. Will it have a hatchback or a real, honest-to-goodness trunklid? That sloping roofline is reminiscent of the Volvo S60’s—but as the S60 has a regular trunk, it could go either way. The Chinese and European markets will want a hatchback, while Americans are notoriously fickle to anything that doesn’t come in the guise of a proper three-box sedan. Hence the current Jetta, which is styled to resemble a block of gruyère rather than an automobile.
Just as the CC is designed to emulate the Mercedes-Benz CLS’s coupe style for a fraction of the price, Autobild speculates that the Jetta CC would compete against the Audi A3, the BMW 1-Series, and the upcoming Mercedes CLC—as a quadruple Teutonic threat against staid compact sedans. Here’s an idea for Volkswagen, however—just make this the next Jetta. C’mon, guys. A little bit of styling never hurt anyone. Source: Autobild