Couple Looks to Set Another Fuel Consumption Record

By Trevor Dorchies | August 12, 2011
John and Helen Taylor, owners of 88 fuel consumption world records, are at it again. They are setting out from Los Angeles on a national fuel efficiency tour passing through all 48 contiguous states ending in Las Vegas later this month. With the help of Shell Gasoline, the Taylors will attempt to set another world record using the least amount of fuel possible while traveling the U.S.  The tour will also include several stops at Shell gas stations record their mileage, refuel, and  to share how they save fuel along with tips about how to be a smarter driver. A hypermiler is someone who utilizes a driving technique that maximizes fuel economy by making adjustments while behind the wheel and to the vehicle itself as well. The Taylors have earned a reputation as hypermiling gurus thanks to their Fuel Academy. The Taylors hold the world record they're trying to break, which they originally set in 2008. Back then, John Taylor drove 9419 miles throughout all 48 contiguous states averaging 58.82 mpg in a Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Over the life of the trip Taylor and his Jetta used 11.04 tanks of fuel costing a total of $653.06.
"We are confident that we’ll set another record on this tour while offering consumers easy tips to save money on the road and at the pump,” said Helen Taylor. The Taylors advocate that keeping a well-tuned engine and being on top of repairs will enhance fuel economy. Taking measures like slowly accelerating and not hitting the brakes hard translate to better fuel economy. By partnering with Shell, the Taylors have been able to set more world records for fuel consumption than anyone else. Both parties believe exploring ways to conserve fuel use will be vital to the future of daily transportation. "Globally, the number of cars is set to increase from 700 million today to more than two billion by 2050, which means we need to make the most of our existing resources," said Dan Little, North America fuels marketing manager for Shell Oil Products U.S. Do gas prices dictate how and where you drive? Is driving across the country just to show how to get effective fuel economy a good way to go about it? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. UPDATE: The Taylors have made it to the east coast and are currently in Portland, ME. They've been on the road now for 10 days and have covered 5331 miles to date. With 18 states remaining the Taylors will add Rutland, VT to their list of states visited next. Source: Shell,