Creative Corner: Chevrolet Tie-Dyes a Spark and Ford Launches Artsy Fusion Marketing Campaign

By Trevor Dorchies | August 21, 2012
Sometimes advertising a vehicle isn’t enough to spur sales for automakers. Sometimes you have to drop a car out of an airplane or weave through cars in a congested parking garage, just because. For its latest trick, Chevrolet will be featuring the all-new Spark, which just hit dealership lots last month, as the official pace car for The Color Run through 2013. For those unfamiliar, The Color Run debuted last year as a 5K race that featured thousands of participants who were covered in different colored paint for every kilometer they pass over. Like the runners behind it, the Spark will be painted in a tie-dye color scheme to simulate getting covered in paint. Nearly 10,000 runners are expected to line up at the starting line this Saturday and Sunday at the Aviator Sports Center in Brooklyn and the Chevrolet Spark will pace the field. This race marks the first of a few other stops the Spark will make at other Color Run races taking place around the country in the next few months. Other stops include Washington, D.C. (Sept. 9); Portland, Ore. (Sept. 29); Miami (Oct. 21); Houston (Nov. 11); Orlando (Dec. 2); and St. Petersburg, Fla. (Dec. 15). If you don’t plan on running in The Color Run, or it’s not coming to a race where you are, the 2013 Chevrolet Spark will be making regional appearances as well. The 2013 Color Run race schedule will be announced sometime down the road and, once again, will feature the Spark at select locations. Cross-town rival Ford is also choosing an artsy way to promote its new 2013 Ford Fusion, and has announced a partnership with MILK Studios to produce “Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective.” This project features both a digital and physical gallery that fuses (we see what you did there Ford) fashion, music, photography, film, and technology. The exhibit opens today in New York City and will move west to Los Angeles on August 29. To help with the exhibit, six multimedia artists contributed including Pharrell Williams, Matthew Williams, Cyril Duval, Nathan Brown, WIFE, and Brian DeGraw. Ford will feature a short documentary with a focus on transforming the world through sustainable solutions never seen before. Select pieces from “Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective” will be donated to art and design schools in New York in an attempt to inspire school-aged kids to get into the creative field. Source: Ford, Chevrolet