Crystal Ball: Future Hondas Still Lack Pizzazz

By Jason Davis | August 04, 2011
By most measures, Honda continues to offer the things that many consumers want in a car: exceptional fit and finish, fuel efficiency, high resale value, and reliability that is second-to-none. Its family-friendly lineup has traditionally been fun and accessible, while consistently placing at or near the top of the charts. But recently, a number of factors have contributed to its decline on the sales charts and in the eyes of longtime fans. Though Honda is as safe and reliable and efficient as ever, some have wondered whether it has lost its way. Supply delays and heightened competition have enabled other makers to leapfrog the brand, and noticeably absent is the passion of yore--even in its family-marketed vehicles. Most of its models are now solid performers instead of class leaders, so it should therefore come as no surprise that, in the next two or three years, the conservative brand's model lineup will feature, more or less, what we've seen for 2011. What's Hot: More power and an elegant redesign for the CR-V, due in November What's Not: Honda teased us with a supercharged Mugen CR-Z, but recently killed off the idea, to the chagrin of enthusiasts everywhere There are some interesting changes on the horizon, but none are exciting or game changing. For the most part, the eco-minded automaker will continue to dole out uninspiring refreshes emphasizing efficiency, like the latest Civic, and practical interior volume, like the class-leading Odyssey.
  • FCX Clarity: The hydrogen-powered fuel cell continues its southern California testing, leading up to a 2018 launch.
  • CR-Z: The supercharged Mugen RR was just a teaser, and will not come to production.
  • Insight: Facelift for 2012.
  • Fit: There will not be a Fit Hybrid for 2012, but a new Fit EV jumps onto the electric vehicle bandwagon early next year. Also, the Fit will see a redesign 2013.
  • Civic: Natural Gas vehicle will arrive later this year.
  • Accord: The new Accord is due in 2013, and we'll likely see a shortened version, next spring. Automotive News hears that engine options will include one four-cylinder, one de-emphasized V-6, and a new "large-car hybrid system" coupled to the four-cylinder.
  • Accord Crosstour: 2012 Crosstours will receive an entry-level 4-cylinder option.
  • Element-like CUV: Honda thinks there could be room for a crossover slotted beneath the CR-V, and may debut in late 2012.
  • CR-V: The next CR-V has already been spotted testing, but the biggest news is that it will receive the more powerful Civic Si engine, and maybe later, a four-cylinder hybrid.
  • Odyssey: No changes planned.
  • Pilot: A sleeker and less brawny redesign is due in summer 2013.
  • Ridgeline: the Ridgeline gets the axe for 2013. Automotive News speculates a CR-V-based pickup to pick up the slack
Source: Automotive News
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Municipal Vehicles

Honda’s bikes quickly evolved into conveyances far more sophisticated than mere motors stuck into bicycle frames. The manufacturer’s 1949 D-Type could reach speeds of up to 50 mph, and offered a steel frame as well as front and rear suspension.