Curfew No More: Scion is Growing Up

By Matthew Askari | August 04, 2011
With unconventional aesthetics and smart sound systems, Scion has appealed to a younger consumers without a lot of bucks who are looking for a little flare. While it isn't deviating from this audience, it is expanding it.
What's Hot: It's a tie. The Forthcoming Scion iQ showcases a fresh initiative appealing to "the new urbanism." Larger than a micro-machine but smaller than a Fiat 500, the iQ looks much to us like a Smart ForTwo, but for three. Then there's the sporty, rear-wheel drive Scion FR-S coupe. A potential game changer for the brand, it features styling that can win over a broader base, and pushes previous performance marks with a Subaru-based engine delivering 200-horsepower.
What's Not: The Scion xD appears to be on its last legs, and will likely be redesigned with new this and new that to return as something capable of filling the segment.
As for the rest of the Scion lineup:
  • iQ: All-new three-seater compete with the Smart ForTwo and Fiat 500 with 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine and a price just under $16,000 with many standard features
  • FR-S: All-new, to be an "aspirational vehicle" for Scion owners is rear-wheel-drive, powered by a 200-hp Subaru engine, and priced around $22,000
  • xB: The xB will remain unchanged, a future generation could be similar to the Toyota Rukus or Rumion, currently in Australia and Japan respectively.
  • xD: A new version will likely debut in Spring, 2012, possibly based on the upcoming new Toyota Yaris.
  • tC : The tC is not likely to see any major changes anytime soon, it was redesigned in 2010.
Mini Pickup: Scion still hopes to bring a production version of the Toyota A-Bat concept to market, but with a gasoline-powered engine, and likely merging elements of the Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Prius.
Source: Automotive News