Cycle of Death for Mercury Brand

By Automotive Staff | July 22, 2008
Evidence mounts that struggling Ford Motor Co. does intend to kill its Mercury brand. Pundits say, just look at its product cycle. First, Ford is expected to introduce a new Ford Fusion for 2012. Its Mercury twin, Milan, though, will be produced for the 2011 model year and then dropped. In 2010, Mercury plans to drop the Sable leaving the division with just four models -- the Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, the Mariner and the Milan. The all-new 2011 Ford Explorer will be unibody. That'll be when the Mercury Grand Marquis will be dropped while the Mercury Mountaineer given the boot.
Finally, look for 2012 to be the last model year for the Mercury Mariner. Ford will come out with a new Escape for 2013 and there will also be a Lincoln version that same model year. Our take? Desperate times equal desperate measures. Or does it? There's nothing to stop Ford to bring back Mercury some time in the future. via Motortrend