DaimlerChrysler Looks Towards Eastern Europe For New Compact

By Joel Arellano | March 01, 2007
Though Chrysler may be looking to China to develop an inexpensive compact, parent partner DaimlerChrysler is, as the cliché goes, not putting all its eggs in one basket. The German automaker is looking at the country of Bulgaria as one possible source. According to HotNews, the Sofia Technical University have developed a concept called the “Univers”. The compact, which would compete against Renault’s highly successful Dacia Logan, would be a four-seater (five in a pinch) and cost between 7,500 to 8,500 euros ($9,900 to $11,228), around the range of the Chevy Aveo. The university is looking to develop a functional prototype later this year. Our take? From what we can see from the image, the Univers would not be a bad-looking vehicle. Course, we’d need to see its specs such as engine power, airbags, and other niceties that many of today’s drivers consider “basic” on any vehicle. Additional articles: Chrysler Teams With Chery To Build Small Cars Volkswagen Looks To India For Future Production
Image by Automarket.ro