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Day 2 Recap: 2012 New York International Auto Show

By Jacob Brown | April 05, 2012
The second day of the last major North American auto show until November wasn't nearly as jam-packed as the first, but it still proved to have plenty of cars and trucks that will undoubtedly shake up the market. Most of them were fairly mainstream; one of them—the Terrafugia—notably wasn't. That's because it's a $280,000 car with folding wings that, when extended, can provide lift. If you've always dreamed of a flying car, especially with Back to the Future's fictional date of flying DeLoreans looming, this could be it. Otherwise, here are the cars that made their debuts today. Note that a few were introduced yesterday, but since very few of our readers are likely in the market for a new Rolls-Royce or Bentley, we tabled them 'til today. For full details on the show, click here for our 2012 New York International Auto Show landing page. Bentley 2013 Continental GTC V-8
The Bentley Continental GT V-8 coupe will have to move over and make some room for the 2013 Continental GTC V-8, as it made its official debut at the 2012 New York International Auto Show this week. The luxury convertible has been outfitted with a V-8 engine like its hard-top sibling, which has been configured to sip fuel (relatively speaking, of course) while still delivering on power. New for 2013, the V-8 engine is an option comes in twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 form that directs a robust 500 horsepower to the pavement. The 2013 Bentley Continental GTC V-8 is expected to closely follow performance numbers set by the heavier, but more powerful, W-12-engine Continental GT but produce 40 percent fewer emissions.
Infiniti LE Concept
Infiniti unveiled its LE sedan Concept for all to see at the 2012 New York International Auto Show following in the figurative footsteps of its sibling, the Nissan Leaf. The LE is powered by a 100-kilowatt electric motor, 20 kilowatts more than the Leaf. That translates to 134 horsepower, or 27 more ponies than the Leaf has. One feature the Leaf and LE concept share are a 24-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, which sits below the passenger compartment and produces a 100-mile range per charge. The Leaf turns in a 0-60 mph time of 9.7 seconds, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the LE concept perform even better.
Jaguar 2013 XK
The 2013 Jaguar XK coupe and convertible roll into the latest model year with minor adjustments such as bigger wheels and a little more leather. The 19-inch wheels that the 2012 XK rolled along on grow another inch for the 2013 model and more leather and wood have been added in the interior to give it a more luxurious feel. A new optional package known as the Dynamic Pack is available on both the XK convertible and coupe. An even more exclusive XK Portfolio option decks the car out in customizable interior accouterments. The 2013 Jaguar XK joins a lineup that already has the XF and XJ sedan.
Land Rover Land Rover Limited Edition Vehicles
British automaker Land Rover brought four limited edition vehicles to show off at the 2012 New York International Auto Show this week. The 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Limited Edition, 2012 Land Rover LR4 HSE Luxury Limited Edition, Land Rover DC100 concept, and the Range Rover Evoque convertible are on display. Like the name hints at, the Range Rover Sport Supercharged Limited Edition is based off of the charged-up Range Rover and adds styling features like red brake calipers and carbon fiber trim inside. The LR4 HSE Luxury Limited Edition gets 20-inch wheels and upgraded headlights while the Evoque convertible remains the similarly equipped as its hardtop sibling. The Evoque convertible is not yet in production. The DC100 concept features high-arching wheel-wells and over-sized rims to give off a robust profile.
Ram 2013 Ram 1500
While on the outside the 2013 Ram may not strike you as any different, this isn't the same truck it used to be. A 3.6-liter V-6 is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, unusual in the segment. A new dashboard-mounted shift knob replaces the traditional truck shifter. The 2013 Ram will feature the UConnect touchscreen infotainment system that has been used on other models such as the Dodge Charger. A Hemi V-8 engine will also be available. Ram says the 2013 model will feature a host of fuel-saving technology and will get better gas mileage than the model it replaces. V-6 models will be 147 pounds lighter, which should also help in that regard. The 2013 Ram offers everything owners loved about the previous model, and improves on it.
Rolls-Royce 2013 Phantom
The 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Series II is the latest interpretation of one's financial accomplishment as its ostentatious stance subtly reminds onlookers. Of course, a car that is painstakingly assembled only by human hands commands a steep price tag and sweeping styling changes aren't a common occurrence. However this Phantom wasn't precluded from some exterior styling changes as LED headlamps debut on the latest model along with a new infotainment system that rides along onboard inside the Phantom. A 6.75-liter V-12 throws down 453 horsepower and is mated to a new eight-speed automatic transmission. The new gearbox helps the Phantom save 10 percent on fuel consumption even though gas prices usually aren't a concern for those who can afford one of these luxury liners.
Shelby Mustang 1000
Absurd has a new home. And, enthusiasts everywhere are in awe. Shelby has just debuted a $200,000 Mustang. If the 650 horsepower GT500 doesn't catch your fancy, Shelby has created two beasts that promise 950-hp and 1100-hp, respectively. The Shelby 1000 street-legal version will be the 950-hp model, while the 1100-hp is reserved for track use. These will be limited production, and as with supercar pricing, the clientele will likely be picking up this one on boasting grounds. The 1000 was created after Carroll Shelby challenged his team to follow up the 800-hp 2011 GT500 Super Snake. Fun fact: the Shelby team created the 950-hp Shelby 1000 using the older 5.4-liter V-8, which as stock gets 100-hp less than the newer 5.8-liter V-8 featured in the 2013 GT500.
Subaru 2013 Outback, Legacy, and Impreza XV Crosstrek
Subaru has been one busy at this year's New York Auto Show with three models on display: the 2013 Outback and Legacy, and the 2013 Crosstrek. Coming off another year of growth here in the U.S. led primarily by the new Impreza, the pressure was on to update the rest of the lineup. The Outback and Legacy received a few minor tweaks to the exterior, but a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine will offer customers slightly more power—especially on the low end—and improved fuel economy to boot. Subaru estimates that the new engine will net about 1 to 2 extra mpg overall.
The duo also receive the Japanese automakers EyeSight, which uses two cameras to offer drivers adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and a collision sensor. Subaru says the package will be priced very competitively, even below that of many automakers. The 2013 Outback also receives a revised roof rack and crossbars for added utility, an updated chassis a reduction in body roll, new seat fabrics and a new faux-wood trim. The XV Crosstrek will offer the automaker's signature all-wheel-drive, with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 148 horsepower. Though light on power, fuel economy is impressive considering the all-wheel-drive at 33 mpg. The Crosstrek boasts 8.4-inches of ground clearance that coupled with AWD should do its part to get drivers through most inclement weather. The Crosstek looks like a bigger Outback, to us.
Terrafugia The Jetsons fantasy is upon us. In case you're mind went askew, we're referring to flying cars. And drivable aircraft. Seriously. The Terrafugia Transition has been approved for flight by the FAA, and cleared by the NHTSA. Meaning, you can drive this thing on a freeway, or fly over them—whatever your prerogative. The aircraft/car has a 1.2-liter, four-cylinder aircraft engine that can get to speeds of 100 mph in the air (no stop signs!) and freeway speeds on land. Despite the modest numbers, the vehicle will run you supercar pricing of about $279,000. But hey, you can fly! Company brass says the Terrafugia vehicle has been cleared to take-off and land at over 5000 public airports. The wings fold in under a minute at the push of a button, and crash-testing has already been conducted. The Transition even runs on unleaded gasoline, making filling up a breeze. With deliveries likely next year, we're curious to see how this all pans out.
Toyota 2013 Avalon
You could almost hear the gasp of surprise when the all-new Toyota Avalon was unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show. Fortunately, it was a surprise of pleasure. Even Toyota admits that it’s not known for its design. Thus, it tapped its California design studio to lay out the sheetmetal and interior, with Toyota CEO Akido Toyoda himself signing off on the new flagship. The Toyota continues to keep things close to the breast, though, and has not yet released information on the Avalon's V-6 engine or other powertrain info. We do know it's more spacious than ever, and comes with a gamut of safety equipment like ten airbags, blind spot monitoring system, and ambient interior lighting.
2013 Venza
The market for affordable, five-passenger crossovers is practically saturated in the U.S. Thus, the Toyota Venza will have its work cut out for it appealing to the discriminating buyer. For 2013, Toyota equipped the crossover a new grille, fog lamps, wheels, and taillight designs. The automaker simplified the 2013 Venza's standard and optional packages, which now includes blind-spot detection, outside mirrors with puddle lights, and Toyota's new interactive Entune infotainment system. Three new exterior colors—Attitude Black, Cosmic Gray Mica, and Cypress Pearl—and new interior colors—black, ivory, and light gray—are now available. We wonder if all these, well, cosmetic changes, will be enough to distinguish this five-passenger crossover from its competition. A lot of it will come down to price, especially what that price gets you before you check options boxes.
Joel Arellano, Trevor Dorchies, and Matt Askari contributed to this report.