Dealerships Face Interrogation from Women Car Shoppers

By Joel Arellano | January 20, 2012
Women, as any relationship counselor will tell you, have a different approach to things than men. This of course drives both sexes crazy, while selling plenty of relationship books and paying psychologists' fees. LeaseTrader has confirmed these differences in the pragmatic approach women take when shopping for their next vehicle. According to LeaseTrader, women tended to ask more thorough questions about the vehicle, focusing on its safety features; any accidents it may have been involved in; and how it drives under certain conditions like passing vehicles at freeway speed or climbing up mountain roads. Men focused on the vehicle's chassis and design ("is she hot?"); technology ("are those real?"); engine ("how many shots can she gulp down before she wants me?"); and ride performance. ("Booyah!"). When women could not inspect a vehicle, like those involving out-of-state leases and sales, they ordered third-party inspectors more than 67 percent of the time. Third-party inspectors are independent agencies who reside in the vehicle's state and will review it for potential buyers who can't easily travel there. Men use such services slightly more than 54 percent of the time. The car leasing site also noticed women age 21-30 requested vehicle inspection more than 78 percent of the time versus men of the same age category, who requested such info less than 43 percent of the time. take: Do you feel there's a difference in the way men and women shop for their cars? Let us know in the comments below. Source: LeaseTrader