Dealerships Using iPads, Other Mobile Devices to Keep Customers in Showrooms Longer

By Trevor Dorchies | May 24, 2012
The beauty of having a smartphone or other mobile device is that you have the internet and all of its worldly treasures and information right at your finger tips. Dealerships are beginning to realize this, and have started issuing such devices to sales people as a tool to help seal the deal. This helps the perspective buyer linger in the showroom a little longer, and helps the sales person be more knowledgeable about the vehicle they're trying to move. When beginning the search for a new vehicle, most people look to the internet for help finding reviews and other information before they physically go to a dealership. With help from an iPad, sales people are able to help speed up the buying process by providing answers to any questions a perspective customer may have. Armed with an iPad, a sales person can show their customer how certain vehicle systems work right on screen and field any other questions that come about. By being able to answer these questions on the spot, the sales person can help ease any worries the customer may have about the vehicle. Sales people can also reference other competitor's prices and work the customer to find a happy medium on price. Ash Zaki, CEO of Mercedes-Benz San Francisco believes there are two parts to buying a car. The first part is the digital side where customers do their own research online and the second part is going down to the dealership and going through the motions to actually make the purchase. Zaki believes that with some help from today's technology, this process can be streamlined and as a result, sell more cars. “It's an early experience, but when they ultimately come to the dealership the process is different,” says Zaki to Wards Auto. “They are asking different questions.” Zaki uses an iPad to answer any questions a customer may have and give more information to help ease the decision process. All that's left is to sign on the dotted line.'s take: Even when sales people are armed with an iPad, customers may still wish to collect information and read reviews on their own. Although it would be helpful to have an iPad on had to reference something when necessary, the correlation between giving sales people an iPad to help sell cars and actual sales still seems unclear. Source: Ward's Auto