DeLorean Company Alive and Well

By Automotive Staff | July 18, 2008
Remember the DeLorean? Sure you do, that silver, space age looking car that was a star in the “Back to the Future” series. Soon after those movies played out the owner of DeLorean, who also happened to be named DeLorean, was arrested for some kind of involvement in a drug deal and his car company collapsed. Well, fast forward to today. It’s back. According to Jalopnik, the DeLorean Motor Company has been re-born and is alive and well in Houston, Texas. The company has been selling the old model as well as its parts. But now the company intends to make new models with all the luxury features. The new models will be equipped with a sophisticated audio system that includes an Alpine IVA system with a 7-inch display, Eclipse speakers, JL Audio subwoofer and Genesis amplifier. And a navigation system and satellite radio will also be available. Bluetooth is offered and, of course, there will be an interface for your iPod.
Details on the engine are scant, though there won't be a flux capacitor. Sorry, folks. Instead, expect the engine to be able to generate 200 horsepower. DeLorean Motors also plans to develop an electric car that has a range of 30 to 35 miles. DeLorean Motors will have service centers in five states and in the Netherlands. Our take? We've already drawn straws as to who'll first test-drive one of these blasts from the past. Or future. Whatever.