Despite CAFE: Midsize and CUVs to Lead the Way

By Matthew Askari | September 21, 2012
According to a recent report in Wards Auto, midsize cars and crossover utility vehicles will lead sales—Wards projects 60 percent—of all new and redesigned vehicles in 2013. You may be asking, what about concerns over new government regulations and industry standards? Aren't Americans looking for smaller, more efficient vehicles? Hasn't the reign of the SUV/crossover passed? Concerned Americans only need to look at sales. Automakers can't keep smaller and midsize crossovers in stock, and midsize vehicles—long a staple of the American automotive diet—are more relevant today than ever before. But we should mention that these crossovers and midsize vehicles are not those of yore. Gas-guzzling engines have been downsized, hybrids are chic, and diesel is ever-emerging. The new crop of vehicles is more fuel efficient, and generally more advanced. And the trend looks to continue, and even expand in 2014 and 2015. Free market principles are strongly at play here, as automakers are creating supply that looks to meet demand. We'll be following market trends closely as we enter the new year. For now it appears the battle of the bulge, is hardly a battle. Source: Wards Auto