Despite Previous Reports, Toyota RAV4 EV to Be Available to the Public

By Sam Grossman | July 20, 2011
Toyota wants you to know something: You can buy a RAV4 EV starting next year. The company has taken pains to refute recent reports saying that the all-electric crossover would only be available to fleet and car sharing programs. According to Toyota, the electric SUV will definitely hit the market in 2012, and the company expects abundance of public interest. Toyota appears to be ahead of the game, as it is the only manufacturer rolling out two battery electric vehicles to the market in 2012: the RAV4 EV and Scion iQ EV. Unlike the RAV4 EV, the Scion iQ EV will only be available to fleets, which may account for some of the confusion. The RAV4 EV will look very similar to the conventionally-powered version, but as one would expect, it's completely different under the hood. The RAV4 EV's all-electric drivetrain was actually developed by electric sports car maker Tesla, and features a 100-mile range. The RAV4 EV model is 220-pounds heavier than the V-6 model, but Toyota says the EV should get to 60 mph just as quickly. No arrival date has been announced for this highly anticipated electric crossover.
Source: Toyota