Details Emerging Around Next Gen Audi A3, S3, RS3

By Matthew Askari | January 31, 2012
At the CES show in Las Vegas earlier this month, Audi teased us with an A3 interior, sans the body and wheels and that kind of important stuff. We also didn't have any information on the potential engines. But thanks to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, we're getting a sense of Audi's new A3 family. True to the German automaker's recent direction, a lighter weight body is being implemented, which paired with smaller engines should lead to a significant boost in fuel economy. Audi is using lighter-weight aluminum to help pare off 10 percent of the current weight, and offering a plethora of engines to choose from. The European A3 will get six engine options, split evenly among diesel and traditional gasoline engines. The smallest will be a 1.2-liter 104 horsepower gasoline engine—likely underpowered for our shores—but the 1.4-liter 120-hp engine may be the entry-level, with the 2.0-liter 208-hp being offered as an upgrade. Audi already offers TDI options on its A3, so we can expect to get the 2.0-liter TDI engines capable of producing 138-hp, maybe even the one that makes 178-hp, but the weakest 104-hp TDI is not likely to get the U.S. green light. Those more interested in performance can opt for the S3, which will be released some months after the A3, and will feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, good for 276-hp. The ultimate in the 3 family, the RS3, will have a five-cylinder engine, which produces 345-hp. It's likely Audi will showcase the A3 at the Geneva Auto Show at the beginning of March.
Source: Auto Motor und Sport