Detroit 2013: Ford Atlas Concept Debut

By Trevor Dorchies | January 15, 2013
Like the muscle car's war of numbers, the truck segment is extremely competitive.  How competitive you ask? Let's just say competitive enough to unveil a new model that isn't scheduled to be released until sometime late next year. That's exactly what Ford did, dropping the Atlas Concept, a-closer-to-production-than-not preview of the 2015 F-150, over a year before it's slated to go on sale this morning in Detroit. So why did the Blue Oval crew decide to do this now? Ram's latest 1500 model went on sale earlier this year and has already won some media acclaim. Crosstown-rival Chevrolet unveiled the Silverado and GMC Sierra last month but used the Detroit show as a springboard once again, too. Obviously, Ford felt the pressure to respond to all of these new or heavily refreshed models entering the truck segment. It's quite apparent that Ford is going for the throat of General Motors with the Atlas Concept's early unveiling.  Ford has released the same amount of information of a concept vehicle slated to go on sale in 2015 as GM has with its 2014 Silverado and Sierra. The latter two are scheduled to enter production in the first half of this year, too. We do know that the Atlas Concept will draw power from a "next-generation EcoBoost" engine that will also utilize start-stop technology.  For more on the 2015 Ford Atlas Concept, check out our First Look. To keep up with everything going on at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, check out our show coverage too.