Did Jerry Seinfeld Rip Off British Web Series for New Car Show?

By Jacob Brown | August 02, 2012
Jerry Seinfeld made hundreds of millions of dollars making a show about nothing. Now, he's making a show about nothing called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which, aptly enough, is focused around comedians in Seinfeld's fleet of classic cars getting, well, coffee. As it turns out, however, the adage of good artists borrowing and great artists stealing might have some teeth, as it appears Seinfeld's novel-sounding might have been stolen from across the pond. In fact, Seinfeld's web-only concept looks like it was ripped from the Brits, too. In a show called Carpool, produced in the U.K., comedian Robert Llewellyn takes comedians and celebrities in his Toyota Prius on an introspective journey where the two talk about everything and nothing at the same time. It sounds like your high school dates, doesn't it? It also sounds a lot like Seinfeld's Comedians.
"[I got] literally thousands of tweets from people going, 'Jerry Seinfeld stole your show! Sue him! You’ll be worth millions!'" Llewellyn told The Daily Beast in an interview. He didn't, though, and his lawyer confirmed he really can't. Garnering around 7.5 million views since 2009, Llewellyn's series debuted its first 10 episodes exclusively on iTunes. Since then, the comedian has gone on to interview some of the U.K.'s most prolific personalities to the tune of 105 episodes. Each episode spans 30 minutes, giving its audience a look at its favorite celebrities in an honest and down-to-earth light. Seinfeld's program, on the other hand, focuses on asking its guests more non-sequiturs, from what people think about Seinfeld's cars to lunch options. There's far less of a plot, but its banter might just be more entertaining for the sake of entertainment. Through its 15 minutes of filming, we learn...not too much, to be honest. But it's hardly unwatchable. Below is an episode of each, the first being Llewellyn's. Do you think Seinfeld blatantly ripped off Carpool with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Or does Seinfeld's genius carry on with an idea all his own?

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