Dirty-Car Artist: Drawing Masterpieces On Car Windows

By Joel Arellano | March 08, 2007
While we love to go gaga over the latest Mazda concept or oogle Chevrolet's electric Volt, we can't help but admire a person who can view dirty car windows as a means to express their artistic side.Scott Wade of San Marcos, Texas, like many of us, first started by simply drawing on the dirt and dust that clad car windows that had not been washed in a while. But while most folks stopped (or discovered paintbrushes or paint cans), the art major and GUI designer later tried using a frayed Popsicle stick on such automotive 'canvas'. He was, unintentionally, hooked. Now he draws the Mona Lisa, the Birth of Venus, and even the late Texas governor Ann Richards on car windows. He normally uses the windows of his MINI Cooper or Mazda. While he prefers what he calls a 'natural canvas' (windows coated with dust stuck by morning moisture), it can take two weeks for conditions to be right. Then Wade would drive his vehicles on some local dirt roads as preparation for his next work. It takes Wade approximately an hour to create his drawings. He does not save any of them except by taking a picture, preferring, instead, they wash or fade in the weather. He says, 'There's something about doing the dearly departed that's very appropriate. It reminds me that life passes us by very quickly and we have to enjoy it while it's here.'
Via The Columbian