Discontinued Mercury Cougar Heralds Brand's Demise

By Automotive Staff | June 17, 2008
Another American brand is about to bite the dust. The latest American automobile trend is to either sell their souls or put their heads under an axe. Ford's Mercury brand is expected to join the graveyard by 2012. Ford hasn’t actually declared Mercury to be dead quite yet, but there seems little reason to hold out hope as neither Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Mark Fields can give a good justification for preserving it. The only thing they have on the horizon is the Mercury Milan expected in 2009 or 2010, and nothing else after that. Their absence from the auto shows only bodes ill for the diseased brand name and a combination of other factors—poor product planning choices, platform prostitution and a bad economy—will likely prove its end. More (scant) details can be found at Jalopnik. Our take? Mercury Cougar. Mercury Villager. Mercury Mystique. All once venerable names, now taking a dirt nap. Well, sleep well in eternal night, Mercury; we’ll be sure to send flowers for the funeral.