Disney Launches "Motorcity" For Young, Budding, ADD-Ridden Gearheads

By Blake Z. Rong | May 11, 2012
Oh boy, it's Saturday! No school! No classes! No facing that stupid bully Trent in gym class! Saturday! Gonna run downstairs in my PJs! Mom, where's the Captain Crunch? Where's the remote? FOUND IT! Yes! Disney XD, scroll scroll scroll...oh sweet, Motorcity's on! Yes! Mom! Mom! Mooooom, come watch this with me! (Oh ok, fine.) Motorcity is so cool. It's about, like, this place called Detroit, which Daddy says is a terrible place but it looks pretty cool here. It's all futuristic and shiny and stuff. But there's this evil guy who's got lots of money, and his name is Abraham Kane, and he doesn't like people to drive around in cars and he doesn't like young kids and stuff. That's where the BURNERS come in! It's this kid and his name is Mike Chilton—mom, pay attention!—and he's the leader of this underground city that builds these sweet hot rods with machine guns and lasers and rockets and it's awesome! And they go really really fast and have to race each other really really fast and the bad guy is trying to take over their super-secret home called Motorcity and these guys have to shoot all the bad guys and evil robots and  rat-a-tat-tat-tat and pew pew and boom! That shaggy-haired one's my favorite. Ok, fine, I'll keep it down. My friend says it's made by this guy that made Metalocalypse (Chris Prynoski), which you won't let me watch because it's big and scary and stuff. Plus, I can't stay up past 8. Thanks a lot, MOOOOM. I really want one of those cars when I grow up. Can I have more Captain Crunch? Why do I have to go to soccer practice? Is Daddy ever going to come back?
Source: Disney