DIY Humvee Kits Now Available. Just Add Engine

By Joel Arellano | October 30, 2012
Missed the HUMMER or the Humvee on which it was based? Well, if you're good with tools and willing to lay down at least $60,000, AM General may be able to satisfy your wish. We posted a rumor back in August that AM General, which builds the original Humvees and the late, lamented H1 by General Motors, was looking for a way to again sell its all-terrain monstrosity vehicle to civilian G.I. Joes or Janes. The company would do so by offering a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit that contained all the parts except one: the engine. Instead, the buyer would have to provide their own powerplant. AM General supposedly would do this to lower costs and avoid all those pesky anti-pollution laws (and fees). Well, rumor has turned to reality. The HUMVEE C-Series is a DIY body kit which owners can assemble their own military ATV. Parts include chassis, rivets, main and secondary fuel tanks, and soft top roof and side doors. Wheels available include 17-inch aluminum two-piece with beadlock and all-terrain. Again, the rumors are true and owners will have to install their own engines. The site doesn't mention which engines are recommended, leaving you to contact an AM General representative for details. Which we recommend because the C-Series is, to quote, a "work-in progress." Prototypes will be displayed at various off-road and auto shows across the country. Afterwards, AM General will gather feedback from interested participants to create the final, production version which goes on sale sometime in the second quarter of next year. Cost of the kit? $59,995 for the base kit, with options like winches costing extra. Again, we don't know exact engine costs but expect to pay an additional $10,000-$20,000 for some power. Source: AM General (image provided by AM General)

Glad to read this post....was planning topurchase Hummerfor my father's birthday.Since he was a Army person love Army war cars.......can you infor me from where  should  I get engine for Hummer in UK Maidstone?

Please send me all the details