Do Not Attempt: Mini JCW Countryman Tows Ice Skaters

By Matthew Askari | March 16, 2012
Like something conceived on Jackass, Mini and the Red Bull Crashed Ice team recently partnered up to tear up a perfectly frozen lake. Coincidentally, someone was there to capture all the raucous behavior as the Mini can be seen drifting on ice, towing hockey players nimbly around obstacles, and generally holding its own. Mini debuted a Countryman with a John Cooper Works Kit earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show. That car featured a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that was tuned to boost horsepower up to 211. While the car in the video is a also a red and black JCW Countryman, we're unsure if this is the newest version with the Geneva kit. In any case, you can watch the Mini do some serious shredding, and more than one skater eat it.

Source: Mini